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Workshop Descriptions

Take Healthy Back

Healthy used to be simple. It wasn’t the latest superfood or a new diet craze. It was real food, clean water, outdoor play, and a good night’s sleep! There’s no denying that environmental toxins are increasing and food quality is decreasing, but there is still hope. Fruits and veggies might seem too simple to be true, but they pack a powerful punch, and they won’t ever go out of style. Come learn about the most researched nutritional product in the world and how you can make one simple change to take your health back. Kate will also show you how to grow your own healthy food year round. Kate is a certified health coach and nutritional educator and is excited to share tools to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Are you ready to join the healthy living revolution?

Salad In a jar Party

Life is so much easier when the prep work is done, agreed? Join us to make your week easier and healthier by prepping 5 yummy salads in jars. RSVP required to prepare ingredients. 

Happy Hour at the tower (garden)

Looking for a new way to start your weekend? Stop by Whole Heart Therapies for a little love and celebrate! Join us for Happy Hour at the Tower (Garden). Enjoy casual conversation with a Certified Health Coach, get your questions answered and leave inspired to live healthier!  Mocktails will be served!

Balancing your chakras

Come and explore your energy centers, how they work and how to keep them balanced. We will discuss what your chakras are and what happens when they become blocked. Then we will do a guided meditation using essential oils to unblock each chakra.

Body systems

A series of workshops that could be taken as stand alone sessions or as a group of sessions - these would be geared to each of the body systems and would cover an overview of the A&P of each system, common dis-eases of each system (symptoms and signs) and then herbal support for the system overall and for each dis-ease. These would include:

-Digestive system

-Urinary system

-Respiratory system

-Cardiovascular system

-Lymphatic system

-Endocrine system

-Reproductive system 

Introduction to friends in your backyard

This workshop is intended to educate all ages to the healers growing right in their backyards (ie, plantain, dandelion, yarrow, echinacea, pine, staghorn sumac, horsetail...etc.) and how to incorporate them into daily wellness for themselves and their families.

Making friends in your backyard

This workshop is intended for pre-K-grade school aged children (parents/guardians too!) and will introduce them to some plant “friends” that are living right in their backyards and all around the places that we live and play! The workshop will include some basic plant identification and exploration, with lots of hands-on opportunity and will end with a short closing meditation with one of their favorite plant friends!

Basic extract making

This is a workshop to teach the purpose, creation and use of extracts for wellness and options for alternative healing methods. This workshop would cover the use of a variety of menstrums, and the reasons for choosing each based on the purpose and plant(s) being used. Participants would create an extract of their own to take home and would be provided with handouts for future reference! 

basic infused oil making

This is a workshop to teach the purpose, creation and use of infused oils for wellness and options for alternative healing methods. Participants would create an infusion of their own to take home and would be provided with handouts for future reference!

Connecting to plant energy

This workshop would introduce plant energetics and the higher healing connection/power of the plants around us. Participants would learn a bit about recognizing plant signatures and using these to guide our inner connections and observations about the plants. Participants would spend time outside observing the plants and will be asked to “sit with” a plant that speaks to them, and journal what they “hear” about how the plant can be used in physical and emotional healing and wellness.

Herbal Immune System Cider Making (Aka: Fire Tonic)

Summer is a great time to gather herbal helpers from Mother Earth and prepare for the harsher winter months that will be here in no time! Fall and Winter are seasons of grounding and turning inward, hunkering down and settling in; however, they are often also times of cold and flu and runny noses. Ciders can be made to help boost the immune system, aid in digestion and fight viruses before they interfere with the blessed warmth and peace of these quieter seasons. Participants will discover how easy it is to create a powerful immune boosting cider that will last them all winter, and they will leave with resources and ideas to create their own creative recipes in the future.

Herbal tonic making

Herbal tonics are a gentle way to infuse powerful herbal allies into our daily self-care and wellness practice, while offering a bit more sweetness than other methods of support might provide. This workshop will introduce the purpose of herbal tonics and would offer a variety of recipes for making tonics that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Participants would learn to make their own tonic and would be given resources to take home for future use.

Creating affirmations & vision boards

This is a fun workshop that can target all age groups. Workshop would cover setting intention and creating affirmations for all aspects of life and wellness. Participants would create personal affirmations, discuss how to incorporate these into daily practice and will create vision boards, as well, as an added fun activity!

New moon energy and intention setting

Join Michelle to learn about the energy around this months New Moon and New Moon Intention setting. Also ground, protect and nourish using doTERRA essential oils protocol and guided visual meditation. You will receive a handout and recipes as well as a protocol for application and meditation. This will be followed by light yogic movement and restorative yoga.

Emotional hook protocol

The protocol will be informative, there will be a handout & oils to share for the protocol. You are welcome to  bring a notebook, pen & your own oils (listed above). The information and protocol will be followed by light yogic movement to move the oils through your system and restorative yoga for deep integration and healing. There will be kits for sale after as this is a 21 day protocol. 

Gemstone Diffuser Earrings + Pendant Making

Join Michelle to create your perfect Essential Oil diffusing Earrings and Pendant set. Choose from a variety of semi precious stones/chips and gems and follow guidelines on how to put the gems together or create your own work of art. Receive information on doTERRA essential oils and Gemstone energy, attributes and benefit

Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet Making

Join Michelle to create your perfect Essential Oil diffusing bracelet. Choose from a variety of semi precious stones/chips and gems and follow guidelines on how to put the gems together or create your own work of art. Receive information on doTERRA essential oils and Gemstone energy, attributes and benefits.  

Full Moon Release and Restore Yoga Workshop

Full Moon Release and Restore - We will begin and end with doTERRA Essential Oil applications to balance, protect and release. The Yoga will begin with Beginner Vinyasa (flowing postures) Yoga Movement geared towards all levels followed by deep (very little movement) Restorative Yoga. You will leave feeling energized and lighter - releasing what you don’t need any longer and taking what will get you through the next month with joy and ease.

discovering your abilities

This 6 week course helps you to recognize and open up to your psychic abilities. Discovering Your Abilities will cover a variety of information including energy, Chakras, spiritual tools, your spiritual team, ceremonies and releases, past lives and numerology. There is so much to learn about your spiritual path. This series of weekly classes will jump start that process.

Releasing your old self

This class will focus on releasing limiting beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us in order to make room for growth of the higher self.  Among the tools that will be taught are writing/burning, breaking old contracts and removal of barriers. Participants will look at creating new patterns that will be helpful to moving forward.

Munay-Ki Rites

The Munay-Ki are 9 ancient rites passed on to the modern world in 1989 by Laika, the Earthkeepers of old and the last descendants of the Inkas. These rites plus the 13th Rite of the Womb help us to integrate with our higher self and become a person of wisdom and power who accepts stewardship for all creation. 

creating sacred space

In this class participants will work on establishing a safe space that matches their vibration and allows them to work/live creatively in a healthy environment. They will become familiar with their own energy, construct a personal altar and  learn to create a high vibrational energetic space for themselves.

Introduction to Diagnosing and Treating with a Pendulum

For thousands of years, pendulums have been used for seeking answers to questions, foretelling the future, for dowsing purposes, and for healing. It is an effective tool for accessing consciousness, and its popularity has grown in recent times as people seek to refine the accuracy of guidance from their intuition. The results are clear, concrete and life changing if you learn to use it correctly. In the first of a three-part workshop, Anne will show you how to choose a pendulum, use a pendulum and train your pendulum in a specific language. You will also learn how to prepare your mind, and discover ways to avoid emotional and mental interference. At the end of the workshop, you should be able to ask simple questions and get clear yes/no or “matter of degree” answers with confidence.

Introduction to Energy Healing

Energy Healing is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to find balance in an unbalanced world.Those who experience this work report tangible benefits (whether it be from Reiki, Reflexology, Radionics or another healing modality), but very few people really understand the “mechanics” of healing – and how it can be done both in person and at a distance. In this session, Anne will explain the physics, metaphysics and psychology of energy healing: how it works, why it works, and what affects the outcomes. Does it depend on the healer being highly“gifted”? Is it down to the attitude of the person receiving the healing? Is it something else entirely? This workshop is essential for anyone who has sought answers to these questions, and wondered whether healing is something that they could learn to do for themselves or their loved ones.

Create Your Own Affirmation Cards

"The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude."                   ~ Unknown Join me for a new affirmation card making class. We will be making cards that benefit each individual. The intention of this class is to affirm a more upbeat pattern of thinking and be positive in the present moment. As we all know sometimes it is difficult to stay with a positive mind every minute of everyday, life happens!! This class will provide a beneficial tool to aid in your everyday life.For this class you will need to bring: Index cards, Writing utensils , and a Flare for decoration (optional)

Empowering belief story

Learn how the experiences of your life may have created a belief system that is holding you back from the life you desire. Join Life Transformation coach Heidi who will share tools with you so you can change your belief system and build success in all areas of your life. 

what is meditation?

A brief history of meditation its origins. Learn the benefits of practicing meditation.  Experience and practice the types of meditation techniques listed below. Decide which technique works best for you. *Mindfulness Meditation *Guided Meditation *Moving Meditation *Stillness/Breathing Meditation

How to interpret your dreams

Have you ever dreamed of flying or doing things that you cannot do in waking life? What about a recurring dream that keeps coming up time after time? Or a lucid dream where you know you are dreaming and are fully aware at the same time? How about a precognitive dream that foreshadowed an event before it occurred? Or even just a regular dream that felt more real than physical reality?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, and are curious to understand what these dreams might mean, join us for this workshop on dream interpretation. You will learn how to interpret the themes, symbols and messages coming through from the subconscious mind and understand how to apply this knowledge and wisdom in your daily lives.

empowerment hour

Hope Hartley will lead us through an experience of shedding doubts, insecurities, and fears: building confidence and harmony in our power centers, in our hearts, and in our expression of self!!

She will guide us on a shamanic journey meditation that will allow for self and collective conscious healing. 

Intro to eft tapping

EFT Tapping is a technique which utilizes acupressure points to overcome anxiety and other negative emotions. This simple, easy-to-learn tool targets the root causes of health and wellness challenges by interrupting the body's stress response quickly and effectively. Tapping lowers tension and increases endorphins. As a result, clarity, a sense of alignment and creativity increase. Tapping doesn’t change a situation or challenge; however, it changes our perspective and reaction to it. It is effective for dealing with pain, dis-ease, sports and academic performance, financial anxiety and jet lag as well as a host of other stressors.

This hour workshop will teach the basics of Tapping and provide resources for further exploration on your own, including the science and research behind this technique.

Reiki 1 Certification Course

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on healing technique that balances the body’s energy. Reiki does not treat symptoms; instead it aids the body's self-healing, treating the root cause of any imbalance and naturally returning one to a balanced state. Each class will be hands on, immersing and enhancing the students’ intuition and understanding of self.Hope will ensure each student receives deep healing, and walks away feeling empowered and confident as a certified reiki practitioner. Topics will include: History of Usui Reiki, The 5 Reiki Principles, guided meditations, how energy blocks can cause “dis-ease” in the body, introduction to chakras, basic client procedure

You will be practicing and receiving energy healing each class!

Herbal Supports for Breast Health

This workshop is designed to educate women (and men) on herbal supports for breast health and self care. A variety of herbal supports will be covered. Participants will leave with samples that they create during the workshop.

red tent event

A “Red Tent” will be set up either outdoors or inside. Although there will include a brief introduction to explain the tradition and purpose of the Red Tent, it will be a gathering place for woman and girls with open discussion, books, herbs and oils and all things that highlight the importance of honoring the goddess inside of every woman. It will be a safe, judgement-free space for women and girls to relax, indulge, and celebrate together.

Change your words, change your world

Our vocabulary can expand or minimize our emotional responses. All of us connect emotions to words. Learning how we connected a certain emotion to the word can help us to redirect and change the emotion. Our words whether to ourselves or to others have a chain reaction, which creates our actions and results. If you want different results, learn how to change how you speak to yourself and others and walk away feeling empowered.

Join Annie Leslie, LAc., for a 60 minute info session on accupuncture and Chinese medicine. Annie will talk about how acupuncture works from both Eastern and Western perspectives, discuss conditions that it treats, and answer any questions. There will also be a “demo” portion of the hour where Annie will demonstrate needling as well as other modalities that she uses in her practice such as cupping, kinesiology taping, etc. This is a great opportunity to learn about and experience acupuncture before committing to a full treatment.

what is acupuncture

Community Acupuncture Night

Join Annie Leslie, LAc., for a drop-in community style acupuncture session. Stop by anytime during the workship period, relax in a comfortable chair, and stay for as long as you like! The acupuncture treatment will have the effect of regulating the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPA axis, i.e. how the body deals with stress), relaxing the mind, improving circulation, and reducing pain and inflammation. Please note that Annie will NOT be individualizing treatments to each person but instead be providing a treatment to each person that is beneficial for every person.