We could not be more blessed when it comes to the team at WHT. 

Each and every one of us truly puts OUR  whole heart into our mission of helping others live their best lives.  

Get to know our specialists through our bios and videos below!

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Mistee Boyd

Whole Heart Therapies began as a seed that was planted in the summer of 2017.  Heart & Soul Wellness is a big part I play here, through energy healing, massage and essential oil therapy.  

I have coined my work as Essential Energy Massage: A Unique session blending an intuitive balance of essential oils, reiki, chakra balancing and energy work with a nourishing balance of the numerous massage techniques I am trained in.  I typically start my sessions with foot reflexology and utilizine massage cupping to enhance manual deep tissue work.  I also offer essential oil guidance and support to anyone looking for natural solutions for their whole health, heart and soul wellness.

To learn more feel free to visit www.HandSwellness.com

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Alexandria Barron

My training in combination with my thought process creates a beyond the table approach to bodywork. To invoke your body's natural ability to heal, I use a combination of energy work with deep tissue and myofascial techniques, acupressure and trigger point therapy, as well as cupping therapy. I use knowledge about what I have learned to enhance each session plan. I look to customize each session by targeting any areas of concern. I consider postures taken throughout your day to bring harmony and balance to your body during and after your session. I share knowledge about how to improve daily life. Your journey to becoming more aware of your body, as well as knowledge of proper body mechanics can improve daily function in your day-to-day life.

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Allie Geller

Alli Geller, Nurse Practitioner aspires to treat the whole person, mind, body and soul. Offering primary care services, health coaching, receptivity to alternative health support.

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She aimes to provide a loving, safe, accepting healthcare setting for clients to find their answers within.  She believes we all have the ability to heal by tapping within. She aspires to offer primary care services in a healing, loving, gentle atmosphere. She allows for time and space to inquire as to the deeper route of physical symptoms.

You may read more about her at: Seacoastwholehealth.com

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Angel Lepore

My love for yoga, meditation, essential oils, and Reiki ignited my path to aspire to create a life filled with more compassion, mindfulness, grace, and joy, and to share what I have learned with you.

I hope to cultivate a space where you feel honored, inspired, and open, to let go and simply be. We will build a practice around the breath, movement, and meditation (with some laughs sprinkled in), incorporating essential oils to elevate the experience. The only thing you need to be flexible to practice yoga is your mind.

I am humbled every day to be on this journey, and honored to be able to contribute to the open-hearted experience of this community, offering a new way of being in this world.

May you embrace what you feel on your mat and carry that into your life, feeling a little more grounded, peaceful, harmonious, and most important, empowered!

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Anne Avidon

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I have a Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in Business.  While working in the Healthcare Sector for the British Government, I noticed that the medical profession tended to focus on treating symptoms/effects, rather than getting to the root cause of problems.  

I realized that true wellness is not possible unless healing is directed at all levels - mind, body and spirit – and I made a commitment to study different Energy Systems so I could focus on healing full time.

My particular specialty is Radionics – diagnosing and treating with a pendulum.  It is based on the theory that we are all electromagnetic beings, and that we all radiate at a specific vibration.  Using a simple methodology, I “tune-in” to the body (or a relationship, a pet, or anything that needs healing) and send specific remedies to restore balance.  The results are remarkable, and I hope that everyone who benefits from this practice will be curious to learn this methodology and apply this tool in their daily lives.




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Heidi Keenan

I am a Life Transformation Coach certified through Health Coach Institute, an ICF-accredited program. I am passionate about helping people create the balanced healthy life they desire. I hold that vision for my clients, until they are ready to step into it completely.

I provide a space for my clients to safely turn inward, so they create the vision they have for their life and their health. I work with clients to help them uncover what has been stopping them or slowing them down from the results they want.

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Through a whole vision approach, we build balance, increase energy, decrease stress and weight loss naturally becomes a side effect. Healing from the inside, helps us heal the outside!

Visit www.heidijkeenan.com to learn more

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With her heart centered guided healing, Hope will help each client shift closer to their highest potential self- to joy! As a client you will leave each session with loving action steps, supportive remedies, and heart minded "tools", so you may continue your healing journey empowered, secure, and supported. Hope too continues her journey and is currently attending the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine, she can't wait to expand what she can offer at Whole Heart Therapies!

Hope Hartley

Hope is an intuitive and gentle healer who has been trained in various healing methods; as well as earth medicines such as doTerra essential oils, flower essence, and crystals. As a Shaman and Reiki Master Teacher, Hope acts as a channel between the creator and the client to uncover and release what no longer serves them. With her powerful intuitive gifts she will work with each client to identify and remove fear based patterns, harmful addictions, toxic relationships and thought structures. By releasing these energetic blocks, the client will bring back their power, their light, and create the pathway to living vibrantly, healthy, and passionately.

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I partner with the Juice Plus company, who has created cutting edge health food technology  and figured out how to put fruits and veggies in a capsule. This is not to replace eating healthy, but to bridge the gap from what we’re supposed to eat and what we do eat. I also teach people how to grow their own food using our vertical aeroponic growing system, the Tower Garden.

Kate Kennington

My mission is to inspire healthy living. My love for health and wellness began in 2002 as a licensed massage therapist. Shortly into my career I found that my clients needed and wanted more in their lives to feel better. Through my own healing journey of changing my diet and lifestyle, I realized I wanted to help others to do the same. I became a Certified Health Coach in 2009 through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Education is a huge part of what I do and has become my passion to teach people how to feel better and be the best version of themselves by making simple changes.

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Linda Andrews

Having a natural ability to intuit pain, I have searched for a modality that has a great effect on the body. I have practiced Reiki, EFT Tapping, and use doTerra essential oils. When I stumbled upon Bowenwork, I knew I had found the right path for me. I have just finished my advanced courses and have a more complete picture of how amazing the body is at healing itself given the right circumstances.

My greatest achievement has been helping seven families become pregnant after many conventional treatments failed them. Be forewarned though, all of our babies have been girls!

Bowenwork solidifies my love of helping broken bodies and spirits.  Being active in dog rescue, I am also happy to share this fabulous modality with my furry friends!

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Melissa McCormack


Melissa is an herbalist who believes in a whole-istic approach to health and wellness. As an herbalist, she serves as a guide and a teacher in the client’s journey to wellness and personal growth. As owner of Forget Not The Earth, a natural wellness products company, she combines her knowledge of herbalism and body systems in order to create products that not only nourish the body and spirit while easing symptoms of common imbalances, but that also address the underlying causes. Melissa has a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Education and in addition to herbalism, she teaches at a local high school. As her experience using herbs and incorporating them into her own family’s daily health and wellness grew, Melissa knew that it was time to use her gifts as an educator to empower others to take control of their own health. Melissa began her formal herbal studies at Misty Meadows Herbal Center in Lee, NH, where she completed both beginner and intermediate herbalist  apprenticeship programs and will continue with Advanced studies in the spring. In addition to earning her herbalist certificates, she is a certified Reiki practitioner. With a vision of a team approach to providing health care, Melissa is overjoyed to join the team of practitioners at Whole Heart Therapies.

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I strongly believe that we are our own experts, and yet, sometimes our best efforts get blocked by self-doubt and the loud noises of life that get in our way on our paths to our greatness; our truest passions. There are many paths to get to those answers; however, my focus is on compassionate techniques to quiet the mind, calm the heart, release negative energy and call positive energy to cultivate alignment, peace and strength in the body.

Michelle Blanchette

I am passionate about helping people manage their stress, reach their goals and find their true selves. As a coach and sounding board, active listener or yoga and energy guide, individuals of all ages will find access to the answers that are waiting to be found within them, through various forms of strategic questioning, goal-setting, meditation, art, energy work, music, essential oils and yoga.

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Michelle McEwen

I am an Empathic Psychic/Medium, Energy Worker and Spiritual Teacher. I was born with the ability to see Spirits, read people and feel energy. Though, I have always had these abilities, I did shut down to seeing Spirits at a young age. Then I turned 28 and my spiritual team opened me up to all my abilities and that’s when I started training for my calling. I trained under Carol Hutchins, Lauren Rainbow and John Holland, along with a lot of self-teaching. Working with the Divine Mother and Ascended Masters, I gives you the tools to use in everyday life.

The psychic readings connects you to your Spiritual Team who know you the best and has your life plan. She can tell you the future but it is always changing. So, I work with you to unblock the things that are holding you back and helps you manifest the life you deserve. The mediumship readings allow me to connect with your Love One that have passed on. To brings forth validation of the spirit with personality evidence and details about how they look. She knows how much healing happens with each connection and is very honored to be a part of it.  Energy Work is my favorite thing to do! Being an Empowered Empath, I understand how energy works in our everyday life. I use many techniques in sessions. From Reiki, Shamanic, Clearing, working on the grids within us and the Earth, and so on. I feel it’s important to get energy work done to maintain a healthy body. It’s like eating an apple a day!

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Nathalie's passion is people and helping them learn to heal themselves from every day aches and pains to deep traumatic wounds and scars.  Nathalie is a truly gifted healer. Her ability to work at every stage with her clients however they need is what makes her stand out in the community.

Nathalie Lawrence-Taylor

Nathalie felt the calling of healing early on in her life. It was around 2003 that Reiki opened its door to her and she began a self-study. From the beginning of her journey, she was immediately intrigued and quickly realized that it would not be a passing interest, but something infinitely more profound. Nathalie found that Reiki does not reveal itself all at once, but is to be discovered as you live it, one day at a time. Massage came into the picture in 2009 and complimented her Reiki practice.  She added reflexology then Crainosacral therapy to become a well rounded holistic practitioner. 

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Tracy Matteson


Tracy is a registered nurse who has passionately been touching lives since 1991 practicing both traditional and alternative healing. Although she has been blessed with many different nursing opportunities through her career, her passion has always revolved around nurturing the emotional well being of individuals and their families on their pathway to wellness. Tracy combines her conventional medicine based nursing knowledge with the powerful benefits of essential oils, Reiki, Restore for Life (Light Touch Therapy) and Shamanic healing practices to provide a harmonic balance of healing, self introspection, self-acceptance and continued emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Tracy’s Divine purpose is to joyfully and lovingly help others find their freedom by instilling peace, alleviating loneliness and fear, and walking with those who need support.